Pre-Ordering Equals Profit

Pre-ordering is a powerful shopping-purchase model shown to increase sales volume and profit margins while enhancing passenger satisfaction. It breaks through the traditional cabin-service level paradigm by enabling individualized offerings to each and every passenger. It affords opportunities to sell relevant services at several natural touch points (e.g., ticket purchase, check-in).  Because pre-ordering is pre-departure, partners can offer a breadth of services free of waste and space constraints that limit on-board purchase models.

With personalized choices, proposed at customer touch points, passengers are more likely to make purchases, while our partners capture new revenue at superior profit margins.

Meeting Elevated Expectations

Reliable Order Fulfillment (ROF) is essential. Our systems are engineered for a clear path to increased revenue and mitigated operational issues. To meet elevated customer expectations with high fulfillment rates all providers are digitally linked in real time. Our pre-ordering platforms enable efficient, errorless coordination with caterers by automated order routing. Real-time inventory availability ensures reliable fulfillment. Finally, our systems can limit order-taking on possible broken itineraries and irregular operations (IROP), as well as apply other avoidance rules that enable caterers to circumvent situations that may place fulfillment at risk.

Real Service Differentiation

An entirely new concept as service offerings are no longer solely a function of cabin class. Our systems make it possible for customers to order an array of services, according to individualized preferences and price points, for delivery right to their seats. Our partners define services by flight, cabin, and fare class, as well as, through which channels each is offered, creating a signature experience while delivering a significant boost to the bottom line.