Our software systems enable carriers to sell ancillary services that enhance and customize the passenger travel experience. Carriers can deploy our systems rapidly with little capital outlay. And that’s nice for everyone.

Meals & More

Customers select from a menu of catering options—everything from snack boxes to premium meals. Additionally, our systems can be used to sell ancillary services, individually or bundled.

In-Flight Services: Champagne & Fine Wine, Children’s Activity Kits, Comfort Amenities, IFE Rentals & Headsets, Premium Meals, Top Magazines

Travel Enhancements: Airport Parking, Carbon Off-set, Destination Content, Duty Free, FX Currency, Hotel / Airport Transfers

A Class of its Own

An entirely new concept, as service offerings are no longer solely a function of cabin class.

Our systems make it possible for customers to order an array of services, according to individualized preferences and price points, for delivery right to their seats. Carriers can define these services by flight, cabin, and segment and by which channel to access—to create a signature experience while delivering a significant boost to your bottom line.