ARC London, LFCC Olympia :: June 2015

Our own Mark Allen was invited to speak at the ARC London conference in June on the topic of "Why Pre-Buy?"  An enthusiastic crowd peppered great questions surrounding the surprisingly high take rates and the extremely positive Survey Feedback that Air Meals has boasted over the years.  Drop us a note to learn more!


Appreciation Day in Boston!

Air Meals, West Jet and Optimum Solutions were graciously invited to join Delaware North in the owners booth to see the Boston Bruins host the Calgary Flames on March 5th.  It was a quick trip, but a great time was had by all, and we look forward to continued success in partnering with these great groups!

WTCE Hamburg, Germany - April 8 - 10, 2014

WTCE Hamburg, Germany - April 8 - 10, 2014

Babson friends: Mark Allen, MBA’97 (left), Bill Assaad, MBA’97 (from left), both of Air Meals, Steve Towler ’05 of Gate Gourmet, and Greg den Herder, MBA’97, of Abby’s Catering, met at the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg, Germany. Air Meals (, a true Babson venture, is on the edge of changing the ancillary revenue market for travelers by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. The expo is the largest of its kind and attracts companies ranging from start-ups such as Air Meals, to Gate Gourmet, a premier player in travel catering, to Abby's Catering, Houston’s leading in-flight and corporate catering company.

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Air Meals Profiled (page 11) ::: October_2013

Air France, Austrian, Condor, Hawaiian, KLM, and US Airways hope customers will forego free and pay for better food. 

Pre-ordered meals require technological and customer service support. Air Meals is a vendor that counts Delta, WestJet, and US Airways as customers. Their platform integrates into the booking process, and also provides an online static meal order page. Their system processes individual meal requests and delivers order information to catering kitchens.

Consumers and pundits might be surprised, but many managers at traditional airlines don’t embrace the zen of frugal inflight fare. It’s more glamorous (and easier) to provide fine dining free of charge.  It is economically unfeasible. The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany analyzes the efforts by six airlines to create a positive perception of their economy class product by selling upgraded meals and generating some ancillary revenue at the same time. PDF View...

PAX International interviews Air Meals ::: July_2013

“We are thrilled to have had the success we have had in the past year,” Mark Allen tells PAX International. Since the launch, he said the company has added capability to a system that is already designed for use in a number of applications, from aircraft cabin ordering, tax and from crew meals to duty free sales.

With major carrier’s Delta Airlines and US Airways now well past the trial stages for the prebuy program, Air Meals can safely say that its system is becoming part of an expanding segment of the travel catering industry, providing passengers meals on trans-continental routes and international routes in both directions. The company supplies the working parts for the DineUp program on Delta and the DineFresh program on US Airways. Read More...

Air Meals announces a WestJet pre-BoB Trial

Taste the Advantage of Pre-Purchase With WestJet

Place your food order before your next flight with the ease and convenience of pre-purchase. Choose from a unique selection of deli-style sandwiches and cheese or tapas trays online and it's delivered right to your seat. It's easier than ever to pick your favourites and satisfy your taste buds onboard.

We're proud to offer you the convenience of pre-purchase on flights departing from: Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto

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    DineFresh Trial ::: Air Meals partners with US Airways

    US Airways Becomes First Domestic Airline To Offer Premium Meal Option In Economy Class On Select International Flights. Airline also expands In-Flight MarketPlace Menu with new choices.

    US Airways continues to enhance its customers' in-flight experience with the introduction of DineFresh, a premium meal option in Economy that allows customers to treat themselves when flying internationally to Europe, the Middle East and South America starting today. The new premium choice enhances the airline's current complimentary meal offerings. In addition, the airline is also introducing several new items to US Airways MarketPlace, its selection of snacks, meals and beverages available for purchase on domestic and international flights.

    "The new DineFresh meal option, which is paired with complimentary wine, gives our customers more choices when traveling internationally in Economy," said Hector Adler, vice president, InFlight Services. "With this new option, US Airways becomes the first U.S.-based carrier to offer a premium meal experience for customers in the main cabin."

    US Airways' new DineFresh program allows customers to choose from either a vegetarian meal consisting of a Caprese salad with balsamic dressing, Portobello mushroom tortellini, Mediterranean-style appetizer and turtle cheesecake for dessert or a protein meal consisting of citrus-marinated chicken skewers, seasonal grilled vegetables, classic shrimp cocktail and creme brulee cheesecake for dessert. Full Press Release...


    Air Meals highlighted in On-Board Hospitality article on ancillary revenue

    ANCILLARY REVENUE | PART I ::: Definition: Revenue beyond the sale of tickets that is generated by direct sales to passengers, or indirectly as a part of the travel experience. Definition from the 2009 Ancillary Revenue and à la Carte Guide by IdeaWorks, sponsored by ezRez. Read More...

    Adam Bauer, Air Meals, Co-Founder

    "Regarding IFEC, with aircraft increasingly connected to the internet, what becomes possible is an expansion in types of services the passenger can purchase, and a web-style shopping experience.”

    - Adam Bauer, Air Meals, Founder

    Air Meals quoted in Aircraft Commerce on ancillary revenue

    Aircraft Commerce on Ancillary Revenue  ::  Techniques & Systems for Ancillary Revenues

    Ancillary revenues are growing in importance. New products and systems are coming on to the market. Some products are airline products, while other sources of ancillary revenue are provided by third parties. 

    The concept is that a passenger selects their own meal from a menu, rather than the airline providing a standard meal, while they are making their booking, the link to the catering company ensures the meal gets delivered to the right aircraft before departure, and the passenger is given a voucher or code on their boarding pass so they can claim the correct meal. Airlines are using dynamic packaging to include many ancillary revenue products, such as hotel reservations and car hire. With Air Meals airlines can offer passengers the possibility of ordering from a wide range of meal choices: from sandwiches and a light drink, to complete three-course meals and fine wines. Read More...

    A Mercury Award Winner - System and Process Improvement

    On-line Meal Ordering Software 

    The Air-Meals R1 software platform allows passengers to purchase meals on-line at time of booking through their carrier’s website.  The platform allows customers more choice and has been shown to increase profits for airlines and caterers. It can also be built to sell other airline amenities, like entertainment.