Air Meals quoted in Aircraft Commerce on ancillary revenue

Aircraft Commerce on Ancillary Revenue  ::  Techniques & Systems for Ancillary Revenues

Ancillary revenues are growing in importance. New products and systems are coming on to the market. Some products are airline products, while other sources of ancillary revenue are provided by third parties. 

The concept is that a passenger selects their own meal from a menu, rather than the airline providing a standard meal, while they are making their booking, the link to the catering company ensures the meal gets delivered to the right aircraft before departure, and the passenger is given a voucher or code on their boarding pass so they can claim the correct meal. Airlines are using dynamic packaging to include many ancillary revenue products, such as hotel reservations and car hire. With Air Meals airlines can offer passengers the possibility of ordering from a wide range of meal choices: from sandwiches and a light drink, to complete three-course meals and fine wines. Read More...