Air Meals Profiled (page 11) ::: October_2013

Air France, Austrian, Condor, Hawaiian, KLM, and US Airways hope customers will forego free and pay for better food. 

Pre-ordered meals require technological and customer service support. Air Meals is a vendor that counts Delta, WestJet, and US Airways as customers. Their platform integrates into the booking process, and also provides an online static meal order page. Their system processes individual meal requests and delivers order information to catering kitchens.

Consumers and pundits might be surprised, but many managers at traditional airlines don’t embrace the zen of frugal inflight fare. It’s more glamorous (and easier) to provide fine dining free of charge.  It is economically unfeasible. The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany analyzes the efforts by six airlines to create a positive perception of their economy class product by selling upgraded meals and generating some ancillary revenue at the same time. PDF View...