Join our social media community in an effort to humanize the Air Meals brand and put consumers in touch with Air Meals employees, activity, growth and partners. Our outreach efforts aim to keep you connected with how passengers are perceiving your unique offerings.

Air Meals Official Tweeter: You probably already know Mark Allen, but if you don't you should. He's the super friendly and super social head of social media at Air Meals. According to Allen, Air Meals made the jump to Twitter when he came up with the "idea to tweet on behalf of Air Meals and to harmonize all of our accounts; i.e., every account starts with @airmeals."

Stats: 8,425 following/8,494 followers Why Allen tweets: "It's part of a larger social media strategy to humanize our brand and put consumers in touch with Air Meals employees."

On what's great about using Twitter: "Keeping up with the many people who are passionate about ….and educating people who might not be aware of all of the great products and progress we're making."

On what's coming in 2009: "I'll be getting other employees and partners up and running on many of our accounts, so it's more than just me representing the company on Twitter."