Trending Technology

Our patent-pending systems are built upon the latest technologies, combining Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and are engineered for high-availability in the most demanding transaction volume situations. SaaS simply means R-1 and AM-1 systems run from our secure data centers and partners access them via the Internet. With open technologies, partners connect R-1 or AM-1 to their website, mobile app, and internal systems quickly and with minimal capital outlay. How it works...

AM-1 System: Our flagship platform, AM-1™ enables partners to sell a wide range in travel enhancing services through multiple customer touch points, such as websites, mobile app and call center, with robust customer management capabilities for both agents and self-service.

R-1 System: Our Internet-focused platform that offers pre-ordering of in-flight services on partner websites with automatic order routing to caterers.

Service & Support

Fully Supported: Air Meals provides comprehensive professional services support for implementation, including staff training. We can partner with your internal resources and/or third parties, or provide turnkey coordination of all aspects. Once you are up and running, our outstanding support team is available to assist 24 hours a day, every day—no exceptions.

Easily Upgraded: As your needs evolve for added functionality, and to further capitalize on revenue opportunities and cost savings, it’s easy to upgrade from the R-1 system to the AM-1™ advanced platform.

Trial Program: A trial helps a partner evaluate potential of pre-ordering with our award-winning solution before making a long-term commitment. Feel free to contact us to discuss.